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What is a modular building?

A modular building is a non-permanent construction made to specification in a factory setting. Once manufacturing to the clients' needs is complete, the structure is shipped to the client's site and safely installed by a qualified modular building team. As a result, builds are cost-effective and timely, reducing costs and stress to all involved parties.

Discover unlimited possibilities with our range of modular buildings. Permanent and temporary building solutions to suit each client's exact requirements. We provide standard specifications for bespoke buildings. The modular buildings are available in single-storey and multi-storey facilities, which we supply to various industries—Education, Healthcare, Construction, Public Sector, Housing, and Commercial. In addition, we can offer a complete turnkey package from initial design, foundations, installation, service connections, and this list goes on.

Tell me more about modular buildings

A modular building is a building that has been constructed off-site and delivered ready to occupy in a matter of weeks. These buildings are fitted out to suit the client's requirements.

Hiring a modular building enables you to very quickly increase your capacity or create high-quality new workspaces, with no capital outlay. Our specialist installation teams will assemble your building on-site quickly, safely and efficiently.

Our modular buildings can offer:

  • Accessible entrances

  • Branded exterior

  • Changing rooms

  • Flooring options

  • Electricity Generator

  • Multi story building

  • Staircases

  • Built in storage

  • We can also take on your bespoke needs

Modular Building FAQ

Where do your modular buildings come from?

Our modular buildings are built in house at our Yorkshire based manufacturing facility and are made using modern, sustainable materials. Current building regulations make it harder for new traditional constructions to be made as they need to meet specific building criteria to contribute to a positive environmental impact. As modular buildings are made to order and, in our factory, we only use the number of materials needed, minimising construction waste. We can also ensure that only state of the art construction methods is used to maximise energy efficiency. Modular construction can result in 90% less vehicle usage from the site and commuting and 90% less material waste.

When can a modular building be delivered?

Modular buildings are delivered to your site quickly and efficiently. In addition, the turnaround on a modular building is much faster than a traditional building, meaning it can meet your needs much faster, so you can see a serious return on investment quickly.

Why hire a modular building

Hiring a portable building for your project is a cost-effective way to fulfil the needs of your plan, allowing a safe, dry, and warm place for employees to work out of or students to study in for however long the period of change is evident.

Will hiring a modular building be as good as the real thing, and will it fulfil my needs?

Often, a modular building is indistinguishable from a traditional build, and at a fraction of the cost, it is often the preferred option. Particularly for fulfilling needs that are not fixed and due to change over time, modular buildings are often used as construction site office spaces.

"Cranswick Country Foods utilise Yorkshire Hire for the provision of Welfare Facilities for our Construction Projects. They provide ourselves with the best standard of equipment that we have found, at a very competitive rate."

Cranswick Country Foods

Cranswick Country Foods

"Yorkshire Hire Centre helped us rapidly organinse a covid relief modular cabin system to government standards."

Dr Julian Fox

NHS East Yorkshire


We have Modular Buildings available for you!

We are available to take any size project and work to suit a variety of specifications. Get in touch with our team today by filling out an enquiry form below.