Modular Classrooms

Our state of the art modular classrooms are made to your specification

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We have Modular classrooms available for you!

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What is a modular classroom?

A modular classroom is a classroom building that has been constructed off-site and delivered ready to occupy in a matter of weeks. These classrooms are fitted out to suit the school requirements.

Hiring a modular building enables you to very quickly increase your capacity or create high-quality new workspaces, with no capital outlay. Our specialist installation teams will assemble your building on site quickly, safely and efficiently.

The average class sizes rise and fall in different areas, depending on local economic and environmental factors. This makes managing accommodation challenging, so local authorities and school management teams need flexibility.

A modular classroom is a modern construction built off-site and transported and installed in the school efficiently and cost-effectively. Classrooms can be designed with high quality and modern technology, making them almost indistinguishable from a traditional build. Modular classrooms can be fitted seamlessly with all the necessary facilities for a high-quality learning environment for students and teachers.

Our Modular Classrooms can offer:

  • Accessible entrances

  • Branded exterior

  • Changing rooms

  • Flooring options

  • Electricity Generator

  • Multi story building

  • Staircases

  • Built in storage

  • We can also take on your bespoke needs

Modular Classroom FAQ

"Cranswick Country Foods utilise Yorkshire Hire for the provision of Welfare Facilities for our Construction Projects. They provide ourselves with the best standard of equipment that we have found, at a very competitive rate."

Cranswick Country Foods

Cranswick Country Foods

"Yorkshire Hire Centre helped us rapidly organinse a covid relief modular cabin system to government standards."

Dr Julian Fox

NHS East Yorkshire


We have Modular classrooms available for you!

We are available to take on any size project. Please take a look at our previous worl and easy process and enquire below.