Create secure on-site facilities with portable cabins.


As your business expands or you take on new projects, you may need to provide staff facilities away from your main premises. Providing provisions for your staff can be for a number of reasons, but whatever your need, you want to ensure all facilities are secure.

Portable cabins are an ideal answer to quick and convenient on-site facilities that are flexible enough to support a range of needs. Also, if you only need space on a temporary basis, you can consider hiring a portable building.


Security is essential for Portable Cabins

When looking for additional space for your business, it is essential to consider how it is going to be used. Portable buildings have the flexibility to be able to provide a wide range of uses. When using portable cabins, they are often situated in remote areas or separate from your main facilities. With that in mind, it is vital that your space is suitably protected.

Portable cabins can be used for on-site administration functions, canteen space for construction workers, storage, toilet and changing facilities and more. It is essential for any building to be secure, but because of their exposed nature, portable buildings are designed with security in mind.

  • Durable construction

The security considerations begin at the very start of the process. Our portable cabins are built to withstand the harshest environments, the benefits of which include a robust structure to protect your business. Every building is constructed with a steel frame, offering the most robust building possible. Using the highest quality materials ensures longevity and will not only meet but exceed industry standards. This durability not only protects your assets but improves the overall safety of your workplace.

  • Customised Security Features

As we know, portable buildings come with excellent adaptability. You can include the appropriate security features for your industry or requirement, from reinforced doors and windows to advanced locking systems. A portable cabin will be delivered with all the relevant secure access features you need.

  • Surveillance and monitoring

To ensure that you have overall protection of your property, it is a wise idea to include a surveillance system. The use of CCTV and other equipment not only gives you real-time monitoring but also enhances safety as a deterrent to would-be intruders.

  • Security lighting

As well as CCTV acting as a warning to trespassers, security lights also help. Potential criminals are put off by well-lit spaces. By adding motion-activated lights to your portable cabin will provide a few benefits. In addition to deterring intruders, motion-activated lights can alert you to their presence. However, they also offer additional safety for your areas to protect your employees and visitors.

  •  Fire Safety

Security isn’t just about protecting against external threats; it also involves ensuring that your staff and assets are kept safe. Fire safety is essential for any business. Our buildings are designed with fire safety in mind. They are constructed with fire-resistant materials and are compliant with relevant safety standards. Also, ensure that fire safety equipment is available, like fire extinguishers and fire blankets and put appropriate emergency plans in place.


A secure portable cabin for hire at our site in East Yorkshire

A secure portable cabin for hire at our site in East Yorkshire

Compliant Cabins to protect your business. 

Security isn’t just a preference; it is essential for your business to be successful. You need all of your premises to be suitably protected, whether traditional brick buildings, modular buildings or portable cabins.

As we have seen, there are many ways to ensure that your portable cabin is kept secure to protect your staff and equipment. Defending your property obviously saves you money from theft and damage; however, security is also a requirement for insurance.

Manufacturing secure portable cabins means that we are experts in understanding the requirements of your business. You need to be sure that your portable cabin is manufactured in adherence to building codes and safety standards. We ensure, through the use of high-standard materials and strict quality control, that our portable cabins provide the security you need.

It is important to understand that the benefits of securing your property don’t begin and end with protection. Providing a high level of assurance in your security systems saves you money in the long run. Should the worst happen, you avoid unnecessary legal complications. Safeguarding your premises and assets also builds trust with your staff and clients.


Portable cabin hire in Yorkshire

The team at Yorkshire Hire Centre have a range of secure portable cabins available for immediate hire. Our portable cabins are comfortable and offer all the security you need to protect your employees and equipment.

Whether you need a portable cabin on a short-term basis or for a longer period of time, we can provide a fast and cost-effective solution. Speak to a member of our team today for a competitive quote.