Flexible Learning Spaces: How modular buildings are transforming education


Our mission is to make temporary building hire an easy, affordable and stress-free experience. Whilst our modular buildings are chosen by customers in a wide variety of sectors, from commercial and retail to construction and hospitality, one of their most popular applications is in the form of modular classrooms. Read on to discover how modular school buildings are transforming the education sector in various ways.


Rapid construction and expansion

Modular buildings are ready to install, which significantly reduces construction time. This feature allows nurseries, schools, colleges, academies and universities to quickly add more classrooms, laboratories and other facilities to accommodate increasing student enrolment. In addition, temporary building hire is an efficient response to short-term space needs, such as during renovations or in emergency situations.


Flexibility and customisation

Modular buildings offer a high level of flexibility in terms of both design and customisation. Schools can tailor the layout and interior configurations to suit specific requirements, such as creating traditional classrooms, collaborative spaces, libraries, staff rooms or administrative offices, fostering an optimal learning environment.


Cost-effective solutions

Hiring modular buildings is far more cost-effective than permanent construction methods. Prefabrication reduces labour costs and the controlled manufacturing environment minimises material waste, making modular classrooms a highly affordable solution. We also ensure that our prices for modular building hire remain competitively low, making us your go-to supplier of modular classrooms and other temporary spaces.


Sustainable and eco-friendly

Modern modular buildings are constructed with sustainable materials and designed to be energy efficient. The manufacturing process generates less waste, and the use of recycled and environmentally friendly materials contributes to reducing the ecological footprint. This aligns well with your educational institution’s goals of promoting environmental awareness and sustainability.


Technological integration

Modern modular buildings can be equipped with the latest technology and amenities to support innovative teaching methods. This includes integrating smart classrooms with interactive whiteboards, audio-visual equipment and high-speed internet connectivity, enhancing the overall learning experience.


Inclusion and accessibility

Educational institutions can use modular buildings to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. Design modifications can be made to ensure compliance with accessibility standards and create an inclusive learning environment for all students and staff.


Collaborative learning spaces

Modular buildings can be designed to promote collaborative learning by incorporating open, flexible spaces that encourage interaction among students and teachers. These spaces can do wonders for encouraging teamwork, creativity and problem-solving skills.


Temporary spaces

Modular buildings offer a viable option for setting up temporary campuses or pop-up learning centres, especially in remote or underserved areas, allowing access to education in regions with limited opportunities.


Designing the perfect modular classroom

We’re passionate about helping schools, academies and other educational institutions to make modular buildings work to their exact needs, specifications and preferences. As well as being able to choose layouts and styles that best fit your requirements, we can also integrate any and all of the following:

·      Accessible entrances: To ensure that all children and staff can easily and safely access the building.

·      Branded exterior: Whether it’s your school’s logo, a vibrant pattern or a mural designed by your students, we can brand up as much of the building’s exterior as you wish.

·      Changing rooms: If you’re finding that your current premises don’t have enough space for students to change into their PE kits, we can provide modular buildings that are designed to be changing facilities.

·      Flooring options: We want you to love your modular classrooms and get the most out of them on a daily basis, which includes offering a wide range of flooring options to choose from.

·      Electricity generator: If your modular classroom is going to be located away from the main building, or if you only need it for a very limited time, we can supply and install an electricity generator.

·      Multi-storey building: These days, modular classrooms can be any shape and size you wish. They can even be multi-storey, allowing you to maximise the building’s capacity and applications within a small footprint.

·      Staircases: If your modular building is raised from the ground or a multi-storey building, we’ll make sure to install safe and secure staircases.

·      Built-in storage: From stationery supplies to sports equipment and expensive classroom technology, it’s crucial that your property is safely stored at all times. That’s why we can include built-in storage areas to suit your exact requirements, including secure storage options.


Bespoke needs

Is there anything we’ve missed? We understand that as well as schools, colleges and universities each having different needs, individual institutions will also have their own unique requirements. That’s why we’re more than happy to discuss your ideas and ensure that everything is accounted for, which includes the wider layout, the overall appearance, and small additions that will make everyday teaching a much smoother process.


How do I rent a modular classroom?

If you’ve decided that a temporary building is the right approach for your educational institution, we’ve made hiring modular classrooms, offices and training spaces a very easy process:

Discuss your requirements: Simply get in touch on 01482 890137 or use our contact form and have a chat with one of our dedicated modular building. We’re always ready to offer advice, guidance and recommendations, so make sure to ask as many questions as you like.

Quotation: Now that we understand what you require, our team will put together a tailored plan and provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Arrange delivery and installation: Once you’re happy with the details provided by our team, we can then work on timelines for having your modular building delivered and installed on your site. Depending on the size and complexity of your project, installation can usually take place in a matter of days or weeks.

Return: When the time comes and you no longer require your modular building, get in touch and we’ll arrange its fast and safe removal. It really is that simple!


Ask us anything

If you have any questions regarding hiring a portable building for the education sector, get in touch with the team here at Yorkshire Hire Centre today.