How Modular Buildings Provide Quick Solutions for Growing Educational Needs


Yorkshire Hire Centre is dedicated to supporting clients in the education sector based all around the UK. Our role is to make it easier to accommodate growing student populations, changing curriculum demands, and evolving teaching methodologies by supplying the highest quality of modular buildings.

Whether it’s modular classrooms for a school, modular units for your reception team or any other requirement, we have the perfect solution ready and waiting. Below are some ways that modular school buildings will enable you to keep up with demand and deliver uninterrupted learning experiences.


Speed of installation

Modular buildings are very popular due to the installation process being impressively speedy, making them an ideal choice for addressing urgent educational needs. Unlike traditional construction projects that can take many months to complete, modular buildings are manufactured off-site whilst site preparation work occurs simultaneously.

Once your site is ready, the modular building components are transported and assembled on your premises in a fraction of the time. This speed of installation allows educational institutions to quickly add classrooms, administrative offices and other facilities as soon as you need them, such as when there’s an unexpected spike in student enrolment.


Minimal site disruption

Modular construction minimises on-site disruption and disturbances compared to traditional building methods. Thanks to off-site fabrication and assembly, modular buildings require fewer stages and a lot less on-site labour, resulting in reduced noise, dust and disturbances to the surrounding environment.

This is particularly advantageous for schools, colleges, universities and training centres, as it allows them to maintain a conducive learning environment for students and staff whilst expansion or renovation projects are underway. Reduced site disruption also means faster project completion times and less inconvenience for the school community, including parents and visitors.


Modular school buildings for hire

To make it even easier to expand your learning environments, we have a wide range of modular buildings for hire. This gives you the freedom to free up your cash flow and only keep your buildings for as long as required, which creates a highly flexible solution to fit your unique needs. 


Modular classroom for hire

Modular classroom for hire

Flexibility of application

One of the key advantages of modular buildings in the education sector is their flexibility. Modular school buildings can be customised and configured to meet a wide range of educational requirements, from classrooms and libraries to science labs and recreational facilities. Whether your school needs additional space for students, specialised environments for STEM lessons or temporary structures during renovation projects, modular buildings offer versatile solutions that can be tailored to suit all of your needs.

The layout of a modular building can also make a huge difference to how a lesson is delivered. That’s why we can also create adaptable spaces that are easy to move around for different types of classes, such as open-plan activities, group assignments, individual working, tests and exams, art projects, and anything else that’s part of your curriculum.

To top it off, we can design your modular building to include various features, such as changing rooms, staircases, built-in storage, an electricity generator, accessible entrances, a branded exterior and much more, not to mention giving you a range of flooring options to choose from.


Modular classrooms are very affordable

Due to the speed and ease of installation mentioned above, modular construction is more cost-effective than traditional building methods. As a result, schools and educational institutions have a cost-efficient and highly effective solution for addressing their growing needs.

The streamlined construction process, reduced labour requirements and optimised use of materials all contribute to lower overall project costs compared to conventional construction. As an added bonus, modular buildings can be designed for energy efficiency too, further reducing long-term operational costs associated with heating, cooling and utilities.

By saving on construction expenses and operational costs, your school can then allocate resources more effectively towards other educational priorities.


Reduce your carbon footprint with modular buildings

Modular school buildings are inherently more sustainable than traditional construction methods, which means they offer environmental benefits that align with the values of your school. The off-site manufacturing process minimises waste, reduces construction-related pollution and optimises the use of resources, which all help to create an eco-friendly building. By choosing modular construction, your school will be demonstrating its commitment to environmental sustainability and setting a positive example for students and your local community.


Easily scale up as required

Schools and educational institutions often face fluctuating enrolment numbers and changing educational needs over time. Modular buildings offer straightforward scalability, allowing your school to easily add or remove classrooms, admin offices, storage areas, staff rooms and other facilities as needed.


Bespoke needs

If there’s anything else you have in mind that we haven’t mentioned, all you have to do is get in touch and let us know. From the size, layout and configuration to all of the small details that make a big difference, we’re dedicated to creating modular classrooms that will exceed your expectations.


Renting a modular classroom

Looking to hire a modular school building or a few modular classrooms? No problem! We’ve made it a simple and stress-free process:

Discuss your requirements: Give us a call on 01482 890137 or use our contact form and speak to one of our dedicated modular building specialists. We’re here to offer advice, guidance and top recommendations, so make sure to ask as many questions as you like.

Quotation: Once we know exactly what you need, we put together a tailored plan and provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Arrange delivery and installation: Happy with our quote? Fantastic! We’ll now work on timelines for the delivery and installation of your modular school buildings. Depending on the size and complexity of your project, installation can usually take place in a matter of days or weeks.

Return: When you no longer need your modular building, get in touch and we’ll arrange for it to be removed quickly and safely. It will then be hired out to another client, so nothing goes to waste!


Let’s talk about modular classrooms

If you have any questions regarding modular buildings for the education sector, get in touch with the team here at Yorkshire Hire Centre today.