Managing growing space needs with modular classrooms


Modular school buildings are a cost-efficient, simple solution to quickly expand space and increase capacity. Flexible modular buildings for schools are better equipped to deal with the changing needs of the education sector. This is because, as student populations fluctuate, modular units can be added or removed without significant disruption.

Top-quality, bespoke modular classrooms are designed to fit your institution's specific needs. Yorkshire Hire Centre provides customisable modular buildings for hire across the UK. 

Find a fast solution with modular school buildings 

A significant benefit of modular classrooms is that they are quick to build and install. In fact, you could have your new modular classroom installed during school holidays, avoiding disruption to teaching and learning. They are 70% faster than traditional buildings, so your modular school building can be with you in no time.

Modular buildings are manufactured in a controlled factory environment, speeding up the building process and also guaranteeing a standardised level of quality. After being built in the factory, modular school buildings are simply transported to your site and installed by a team of professionals.

This on-site installation is speedy, which is excellent news for your school. Your students and staff will benefit from a new modular school building without any distractions to their everyday lives. 

Buildings for every budget

Often, schools work with a very tight budget, which can make finding new facilities extremely difficult. Fortunately, modular buildings for schools are incredibly cost-effective and provide an affordable spacing solution for educational institutions. 

Factory construction generally reduces transportation and onsite build costs for modular buildings, but costs can be further reduced by choosing to hire your building. Modular building hire is an excellent choice if you do not have the initial capital outlay to purchase a building.

Fixed hire rates for modular school buildings also mean you can track and monitor your expenditure. This is a massive advantage for schools, ensuring you can plan accordingly and maximise your budget.

Durable school buildings 

School buildings are filled with the hustle and bustle of students, staff members and teachers, adding to the lively environment. With so many people coming and going, your buildings must be durable, hardwearing and long-lasting. Modular school buildings are the answer!

Modular buildings are high quality and durable to last for many years. This is brilliant if your school is renting a modular classroom as a long-term spacing solution.  

Flexible modular buildings for schools

Modular buildings are flexible structures which can adapt to the changing requirements of the education sector. Modular buildings for schools can be used for several reasons, not only for classrooms. 

Uses of modular school buildings include:

  • Classrooms (can consist of science labs, music suites and more).

  • Libraries

  • Break out spaces

  • Staff rooms 

  • Administrative offices

  • Canteens 

  • Toilet facilities

With modular school buildings, you can select bespoke design choices to ensure your building fits your exact needs. 

Customisations for specific classrooms can include: 

  • Science lab: May feature workstations, sinks, and non-slip flooring.

  • Food tech classroom: Can be equipped with food preparation tools and climate-controlled storage areas.

  • Music suite: Completed with up-to-date acoustic equipment and soundproofing. 

  • Studio: Enhanced with blackout curtains, floor-length mirrors, and top-notch acoustics.

  • ICT suite: Comes with concealed wiring, ample power outlets, and network points.

  • Library: Your library can be fitted with shelving and seating.

  • Athletic facilities: Designed to include shower and toilet facilities.

Customising your modular school building provides students and teachers with an optimised learning environment. Students can better focus on their studies in a modern and motivating space. Staff can better focus on their students in a functional, well-equipped classroom.

Promote sustainability with modular school buildings

Educating students is crucial for instilling an understanding of sustainability. Leading by example demonstrates the importance of protecting the environment for future generations. You can set an eco-friendly example by choosing modular building hire.

Modular school buildings reflect your institution's commitment to sustainability and reinforce the principles you impart to your students due to their construction. Factory construction minimises waste, as any excess materials are reused, repurposed or recycled.

Once built, modular classrooms continue to be greener than traditional buildings. This is because they include double-glazed windows, high-quality insulation, HVAC systems and advanced sealing techniques. These features prevent thermal leakage, lowering the energy spent heating the building and reducing your energy bill.

Bespoke modular buildings for hire 

Modular building hire is a great way to fulfil the needs of your business while being low commitment. They can be a long or short-term solution, and if anything goes wrong and you need to downsize, you won’t be left with significant losses from disposing of your portable cabin.

This, however, doesn’t mean you have to settle for a building that doesn’t meet your needs. Yorkshire Hire Centre offers state-of-the-art modular school buildings with various bespoke upgrades to fit your specifications.

  • Accessible entrances 

  • Branded exterior 

  • Changing rooms

  • Flooring options

  • Electricity Generator 

  • Multi-story building

  • Staircases

  • Built-in storage 

Our buildings can be tailored to your requests in just a few weeks.

Modular classrooms from Yorkshire Hire Centre

Yorkshire Hire Centre has over 20 years of experience providing nationwide modular and portable building hire. We are built on Paragon Space and guarantee high-quality buildings for hire at competitive rates.

Start your modular building hire journey today:

  • Discuss Requirements: Our friendly team can answer any questions and offer guidance. 

  • Quotation: Next, our team will create a tailored plan and provide you with a no-obligation quote.

  • Delivery and Installation: After you are happy with the final details, we can provide a timeline for delivery and installation.

  • Return: When you no longer require your modular building, get in touch, and we will arrange its fast and safe removal.

Contact our friendly team at Yorkshire Hire Centre today if you have any questions about modular building hire.