Modular Buildings Made Easy: A guide to renting your perfect space


Modular buildings have become more popular over recent years, particularly since the industry has developed past the standard grey boxes of years gone by. If you are looking for a temporary workspace or classroom or need extra facilities, their versatility and affordability make modular buildings an excellent consideration. You may not have considered using a modular building before, and Yorkshire Hire Centre are here to help. So, if you need help figuring out where to start, here is a quick guide to get you going.


What are Modular Buildings?

Modular buildings are prefabricated structures, meaning they are built in our factory and then transported to the site where you need them installed. These buildings are made up of individual sections or modules that are designed to fit together seamlessly, like building blocks. Because of the process of planning and building this way, the process lends itself to a high level of customisation, so modular buildings have a wide range of uses and can be tailored to your needs.


Why Rent a Modular Building?

There are many reasons to consider renting a modular building. For example, you might be looking for temporary office space whilst your main building undergoes renovation. Your sports club may be holding an event where you need additional changing or showering facilities. Modular buildings are also a popular choice in schools that need extra classroom space. If your requirement for extra space is only for a short amount of time, modular buildings can be quickly assembled and disassembled.

Renting a building is also an affordable option and can also be more environmentally friendly. In addition, as modular buildings are constructed in a factory, there is less waste, which means fewer emissions compared to more traditional construction methods.


Choosing the Right Modular Building

Before you rent a modular building, it's important to consider your specific needs. Modular buildings come in a variety of sizes and configurations, so you'll want to choose one that is the right fit for your project. You'll also want to think about the features and amenities that are important to you. For example, if you need a workspace, you may want a modular building with plenty of natural light and good ventilation. 

When choosing a modular building, it's also essential to consider the site where it will be installed. You'll need to make sure that the site is level and has access to the necessary utilities, such as electricity and water. You'll also need to make sure that there is enough space for the modular building to be delivered and installed.


Renting Vs Buying

For many businesses purchasing a modular building may be the most appropriate option, but that isn't the case for everyone. In a lot of instances renting is a more practical choice, and this may be the answer you are looking for.

Renting doesn't have the same upfront costs associated with buying a modular building, and you can often avoid some of the ongoing maintenance costs that come with owning a building.

The renting option also gives you a lot of flexibility as you are not committing to a long-term investment. So, if you only need the space for a finite amount of time, you have the confidence of renting the space for as long as you need it. Then when the time comes when you no longer need the building, you can simply contact us and return it to us.


What do I do next?

Once you have decided what you need from your modular building and made the choice to rent your space, the rental process is pretty straightforward. 

  • Discuss your requirements - The next step is to contact one of the dedicated experts at Yorkshire Hire Centre to discuss your needs. Our team will work with you to make sure that you get the right building for your project.

  • Quotation – Once we have gathered all the information about your project, our team with put together a plan and provide you with a quote.

  • Arrange delivery and installation - Once you are happy with the details provided by our team, we can then work on timelines for having your modular building delivered and installed on your site. Depending on the size and complexity of your project, installation can usually take place in a matter of days or weeks.

  • Return - Then, once you are finished with the modular building, just get in touch, and we will arrange the removal of the building.


The next step to your new workspace

So, we have covered the reasons why renting a modular building could be the best choice for your organisation. Of course, you may have more questions that you need to discuss but don't worry; the team of experts at Yorkshire Hire Centre are always on hand to help get your project off the ground.


Contact Yorkshire Hire Centre today and get a step closer to your perfect workspace.