The advantages of using temporary buildings


Portable buildings for hire can provide much-needed additional space to businesses quickly, cost-effectively and sustainably. Portable building hire is used to benefit various sectors ranging from retail to healthcare.

Following the first COVID-19 lockdown, temporary buildings were spotlighted for their swift deployment of emergency medical facilities worldwide. However, quick installation is just one of many advantages of temporary building hire.

Keep reading to find out how temporary building hire could benefit you.

Flexible buildings for every function

Portable buildings are incredibly flexible, with customisable interior and exterior design choices. This can include anything from windows, doors and flooring to branded designs such as company colours and logos.

Temporary buildings can also be installed on almost any surface. For particularly uneven surfaces, Jackleg cabins are available. This means you don’t have to do excavations or foundation preparation before construction starts, saving both time and money

This flexibility makes temporary building hire a suitable solution for many different sectors.

Education: Portable classrooms can be built to include unique features which enhance learning for different subjects. For example, science laboratories can be complete with non-stick floors and benches, or music suites can be made soundproof.

Healthcare: As well as providing emergency medical facilities, temporary building hire can provide additional clinical and non-clinical facilities.

Corporate: Portable office buildings can provide a comfortable and motivating space to increase a company’s capacity. Portable buildings for hire can cost-effectively allow for on-site expansion.

Construction:  Building site cabins can be installed to temporarily provide a warm, dry space for workers to carry out their roles.

Security: Anti-vandal, secure steel cabins are a great way to protect valuable assets and equipment. 

A new building in no time

A significant advantage to hiring a temporary building is the quick building and installation time. Portable cabins are built and installed 70% faster than traditional buildings, so your temporary building can be with you in no time.

Most of the manufacturing of a temporary building occurs in a controlled factory environment. This speeds up the building process, as there are no disruptions due to factors such as poor weather conditions. Factory manufacturing also guarantees a standardised quality level, which is impossible on a traditional building site. After being built in the factory, portable buildings are simply transported to your site and installed by a team of professionals.

This quick on-site installation minimises disruption to local wildlife, residents and your business. This is a significant advantage for many industries, but particularly for education. This is because your new building could be installed during school holidays and be ready to use when the term starts, preventing any disruption to student learning.

Cost-effective construction

Portable buildings can stretch your budget further while meeting your business’s additional space needs. This is because factory construction reduces transportation costs and onsite build costs. Temporary building hire also allows you to increase capacity even if you do not have the initial capital outlay to purchase a building.

As well as having a low initial cost, portable buildings for hire save your company money on business rates as they are only assessed on permanently used property. Furthermore, portable buildings save you money on energy bills as they are built with features such as high-quality insulation and advanced sealing techniques, reducing energy consumption.

Portable Cabin Installation

Portable Cabin Installation

Temporary buildings - a sustainable solution

Portable buildings are incredibly environmentally friendly from their inception and throughout their lifespan.

Factory manufacturing reduces waste and means that excess materials are reused, repurposed and recycled. The reduced number of vehicles required in transportation minimises carbon emissions and traffic congestion related to your project. Quick installation reduces noise, lessening any disruption to nearby wildlife.

Once built, temporary buildings continue to be greener than traditional buildings. Portable buildings are constructed to include double-glazed windows, high-quality insulation, HVAC systems and advanced sealing techniques. These features prevent thermal leakage, lowering the energy spent heating the building.

Sustainability is an essential advantage of temporary building hire for corporate businesses, as consumers increasingly choose to buy from companies with positive environmental practices.

Portability -It’s in the name

Portable buildings for hire are, you guessed it, portable. Moving your building to a new site is possible if your business changes location. This also means the temporary building can be easily removed and repurposed once you no longer wish to hire it.

This is excellent news for the construction industry, among other sectors. Once building work is complete, the construction site cabin can be moved to the following project site or returned to the portable building hire company.

Why choose building hire?

Temporary building hire options are open-ended. This means a portable building for hire can provide a short-term or long-term solution for your business.

Short-term temporary building hire is an excellent option for the retail industry, particularly with pop-up shops gaining popularity. Portable buildings can fulfil the needs of your business while being low commitment. The portable building hire company will even remove the installation for you when you have finished using it.

Portable buildings are high quality and durable, so they can last for many years. This means temporary building hire can also provide a long-term solution. This is great news for schools looking to rent portable classrooms. Hiring a portable building long-term can help schools maximise their budget and track expenditures with fixed rental price agreements.

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