The Environmental Benefits of Choosing Portable Cabins for Temporary Needs


Sustainability is an increasing area of concern worldwide. Given the finite nature of resources, pressure is rising from consumers who want to buy from environmentally friendly businesses, including the construction sector. 

45% of total UK carbon emissions come from traditional construction. Growing awareness surrounding environmental sustainability and a need to reduce carbon emissions has driven the increased adoption of eco-friendly portable building solutions. 

Factory construction makes portable buildings inherently sustainable

Portable buildings are constructed in a controlled factory environment, which massively differs from traditional construction, which occurs wholly on-site. Portable building’s non-linear, off-site construction dramatically reduces environmental impact. 

A dedicated factory environment allows for precise measurements and highly controlled manufacturing. Fewer materials are used, and the process ensures that any waste is reduced, reused, and recycled. In addition to reducing material waste, the materials used to build portable cabin offices are also sustainable and eco-friendly.

Factory construction is also significantly quicker than traditional construction. This streamlined construction allows for optimised energy usage, reducing the carbon footprint associated with the construction process.

Reduced transportation and installation enhance portable buildings’ sustainability

Imagine a traditional construction site. You probably picture a site with lots of vehicles, such as bulldozers, cement mixers, cranes, dump trucks, and more. Well, when it comes to portable cabin hire, the installation site looks very different.

Factory construction means significantly fewer vehicles are required to transport a portable building for hire compared to traditional construction. This reduces CO2 emissions and traffic congestion related to your project. Choosing a portable cabin also minimises pollution from dust, noise and congestion around your site.

Due to factory construction and speedy delivery using fewer vehicles, installation time is incredibly quick. This is great news for your surrounding area because portable cabin installation is environmentally friendly and minimises disruption to wildlife.

Portable Cabin Installation

Portable Cabin Installation

Make your building greener with energy-efficient customisation options. 

Portable buildings for hire can be customised to provide a comfortable working environment tailored to your needs. Customisations can also be included to minimise energy usage and promote sustainability. 

Adapting temporary buildings to make them greener can include:

  • Solar panels

  • Double- or triple-glazed windows

  • LED lighting

  • Upgraded high-quality insulation

  • Energy-efficient HVAC systems 

Reuse and refurbish portable buildings

Reusing and refurbishing portable buildings provides an effective, sustainable spacing solution. In fact, choosing a used portable cabin has a number of sustainability benefits:

  • Choosing a preloved cabin maximises the use of existing materials and resources. This reduces the demand for raw materials and conserves natural resources.

  • Refurbishing a portable cabin office requires significantly less energy than building a new portable cabin.

  • A used portable cabin reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills.

These factors make refurbished portable cabins a great temporary, environmentally friendly space solution.

Hire portable buildings for temporary space solutions

Businesses sometimes require extra facilities temporarily, such as while waiting for a traditional structure to be built, while searching for larger premises, while waiting for an extension, for a short-term project, or even to account for seasonality. Portable cabin hire can offer temporary space for your staff to work during these periods. 

Hiring a portable building, particularly a used building, allows you to extend its life cycle, even if you only want to use it as a short-term solution. This is incredibly eco-friendly and

when you no longer need the building, it can be refurbished for a new purpose, even furthering sustainability.

Portable Cabin

Portable Cabin

What are the other benefits of portable buildings for hire?

Alongside sustainability, portable cabin hire offers a number of other benefits. These include:

Cost: Portable buildings are significantly cheaper than traditional properties. They are also available new or used at various price points. Choosing to hire a portable building means you can benefit from a fixed rental price agreement, allowing you to track and control your expenditures.

Speed: Portable and temporary buildings are quick and easy to build and install. They can be on your site 70% faster than traditional buildings. Portable buildings are manufactured in a controlled factory setting, preventing weather-related factors from impacting construction time.

Adaptability: Due to the different portable buildings available for hire, temporary buildings offer flexible solutions to suit a range of needs. These buildings can be customised with bespoke features to fit your business's requirements.

Durability: Portable buildings are built to be durable, allowing you to hire them for as long as you need. This also means that portable cabins can be refurbished and reused over and over while remaining high-quality, enhancing sustainability and providing low-cost spacing options for those who want to avoid buying new.

Removal: If you decide you no longer require the structure, disposing of a portable building will not result in significant losses. Modular building hire companies will remove the installation for you.

Find out more about sustainable portable building hire from Yorkshire Hire Centre 

Portable buildings are an excellent sustainable alternative to traditional construction. They offer several environmentally friendly benefits, ranging from reduced material waste to decreased CO2 emissions. Portable cabin hire has the potential to shape a greener and more sustainable future for the construction industry.

Yorkshire Hire Centre have over 20 years of experience providing nationwide portable building hire. We work across many sectors, providing buildings for schools, healthcare, local authorities, offices and more. 

We make ordering, delivery, and installation easy. When you hire with us, we will ensure minimal disruption to your everyday work. 

Our portable buildings for hire are available new or use with a wide range of customisation options, so you can guarantee all your needs will be met. 

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