Why hiring a modular classroom is the perfect solution for your education facility


With pupil populations increasing, schools need to find new, innovative spacing solutions quickly. This is where modular classroom hire really shines. Modular school buildings provide cost-effective and safe education facilities between 30% and 50% sooner than traditional construction. 

Over 10.7 million pupils attended schools in the United Kingdom in 2022/23, compared with 10.6 million in the previous year. Modular buildings for schools can provide a number of different classrooms, ranging from science labs to music suites, facilities optimised for SEND education, and even breakout spaces or staff rooms.

Cost-effective modular buildings for schools 

Most schools work within a strict budget, which can make expanding facilities and creating new learning spaces particularly difficult. Luckily, modular buildings provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional buildings that can help maximise your budget.

Modular classrooms are constructed in a factory environment. This reduces costs associated with on-site building, waste disposal, and transportation.

Modular buildings for hire are available, new or used, at many different price points. This means you can transform your school to meet rising student populations no matter your budget.

Quick school solutions 

Modular buildings take 16-31 weeks to complete. Factory construction reduces transportation and installation time, which is great news for schools that need new accommodations quickly to expand their facilities. 

Modular school building hire can also provide classroom space while traditional construction is ongoing. This is an excellent, quick, temporary solution for schools that need short-term teaching space. 

Quick installation time also minimises any disruption to student learning. Installation can even be arranged during school holidays. This means teaching and learning can continue as usual so that students can benefit from a new modular classroom without any interruption. 

Sustainable modular classrooms

The impact of global warming is being discussed more frequently, so it is increasingly important to teach the next generation about sustainability. The best way to teach sustainability in a way that will impact your students is to lead by example. That is why modular classroom hire is a fantastic eco-friendly education solution.

Modular school buildings are sustainable for several reasons. First, their factory construction reduces waste and ensures that any waste created is reused or recycled. Minimised transportation reduces carbon emissions. Finally, modular classroom hire allows buildings to be repeatedly reused as part of the circular economy.

Hiring a refurbished modular classroom is even more environmentally friendly than hiring a new build. This is because you have a chance to breathe new life into a used building, preventing it from going to waste. As well as this, you avoid creating the carbon emissions associated with constructing a modular building.

Safe modular buildings for schools

Schools need buildings that guarantee the safety of their staff and students. Factory construction ensures that all modular classrooms have a standardised quality and safety level. Modular school buildings meet the same codes as traditional buildings. This safety and adherence to regulations make modular buildings a brilliant option for schools.

Flexible and adaptable modular classrooms 

Modular classrooms are the perfect solution for your education facility because they are incredibly flexible. Modular school buildings can be tailored to fit a wide range of education needs.

Modular classrooms can be used for:

  • Science labs: Modular buildings used as science laboratories can be made complete with non-stick floors and benches.

  • Music suites: Classrooms used as music suites can be soundproofed to avoid disrupting nearby lessons. 

  • SEND learning space: Modular school buildings can be adapted to suit SEND requirements. For example, 1-1 learning spaces can be created within the building.

  • Library: Modular school buildings can be used for communal learning spaces like libraries.

  • Breakout spaces: Providing students with spaces to rest and relax can help them concentrate in lessons. Modular school buildings can be adapted to make excellent breakout areas.

Modular buildings for schools are also incredibly flexible. They can be updated, expanded and revitalised over time. Modular classrooms are the perfect spacing solution that can grow with your education facility and student population.

Customisable modular classrooms for hire

Modular classrooms for hire, like those for sale, can be customised to fit your exact needs. This means that your modular school building can be made into the perfect solution for your education establishment.

Yorkshire Hire Centre offers the following customisations:

  • Accessible entrances

  • Branded exterior

  • Changing rooms

  • Flooring options 

  • Electricity generator

  • Multi-storey buildings

  • Staircases

  • Built-in storage

  • Other bespoke adaptations upon request

Modular school buildings from Yorkshire Hire Centre

Yorkshire Hire Centre has over 20 years of experience in providing nationwide modular classroom hire. We work with the education sector, providing quality learning facilities to fit a range of needs.

We offer a streamlined ordering, delivery, and installation process. When you hire with us, we will ensure minimal disruption to everyday teaching and learning. 

Our modular school buildings for hire are made to order, and with a wide range of customisation options, you can guarantee that all your needs will be met. 

Take a look at our modular buildings for hire, or contact our friendly team today to find out more!